Monday, April 30, 2012



My name is Don Carson, I am an illustrator and designer who has spent the past several decades designing environments for everything from Disney theme parks to virtual worlds for computer games. Each of my projects have different design demands, but often the principles of a good environment design remain the same. At the beginning of my career I had the opportunity of being the Design Director for the Renaissance Pleasure Faires in Northern and Southern California. The lessons I learned helping create this seasonal event represents the foundation of both my career and the basis of many of the projects I do today.

The Blog that follows is the body of a Book I am writing on the principles that go into the design of a traditional Renaissance Faire, and any other themed festival or event. Over the next several weeks I will post the contents of this work-in-progress and hope you will help me with your comments, insights, and observations. The contents are from my years of experience, but they are only one person’s perspective, and they are unashamedly biased towards design principles established during the early years of the Faire.

Thanks for visiting, for reading, and for your comments,